Application for student grants until: 21.12.2023
Company exhibition:  10.01.2024
Presentations, posters, abstracts:  extended to 04.02.2024
Reduced conference fee (early bird):  26.01.2024
Registration (full conference fee): 23.02.2024
Registration for meeting rooms: 21.12.2023
Registration for „Meet & Greet“, „Lunch’n Learn“, „Lunch-Seminar“: 26.01.2024
Childcare: 02.02.2024


The registration of participants is organized by the agency witago on behalf of the DGG.

Reduced conference fees (Early Bird) apply for registrations received by 26.01.2024.

Conference Fees


Early Bird

(bis 26.01.24)


(bis 23.02.24)

Late & On-Site

(ab 24.02.2024)

DGG member, regular 180€ 250€  300€
AGS, AEF, DPG, DMG oder DVGeo[1] member 180€ 250€ 300€
DGG member, Students* 30€ 50€ 70€
AGS, AEF, DPG, DMG oder DVGeo[1]
member, Students*
30€ 50€ 70€
Non-member 230€ 300€ 350€
Non-member, Students* 50€ 70€ 100€
Teachers **
parental leave**
100€ 150€ 250€

Conference dinner



accompanying person

Anmeldung bis zum 26.01.2024




1-day ticket   180€

[1] Associations associated with the umbrella organization of the geosciences (DVGeo) (German Geological Society - Geological Association (DGGV), German Mineralogical Society (DMG), Palaeontological Society (PALGES), German Clay and Mineral Group (DTTG)).

* Doctoral candidates who are enrolled at a university are considered students; please submit proof of enrollment.

** Please submit proof of enrollment when registering

The reduced fee for teachers applies only for school teachers, not to university teachers. 

For cancellations until 23.02.2024 (E-Mail to Ms. Kerstin Biegemann – a fee of 30 € will be charged by witago. For cancellations after 23.02.2024 paid conference fees will not be refunded.


The difference between member and non-member fees will be credited to the annual membership fee, if participants join the DGG at the occasion of this conference.

Registration of presentations and posters

Presentations and posters can be registered via the online portal of the conference on the conference website.


Registration deadline for presentations and posters (with abstract) is 26.01.2024.  

At least one of the authors is expected to attend the conference. Further information on the registration of presentations and posters can be found in this circular and on the conference website. 

Please take part in the statistical survey during the conference. The documents will be handed out to you on site with the conference documents.


The summary (abstract) of the conference contributions can comprise a maximum of 2,500 characters (including spaces) and can be written in German or English. It is expected that the language of the title and the abstract is identical to the language of the presentation. Illustrations are not possible. When submitting online, the layout of the abstract can be checked by the author. The abstracts will be made available on the conference website from around the end of February 2024. 


Further information on the conditions for submitting an abstract can be found here.